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Is there allot of fighting at home? Do the kids not listen to you? Do YOU wish for a home with more harmony?


More fun, less worry-

How to become a good school parent – without feeling exchausted

In the course, we’ll go through:

Module 1: Safety first

You will learn how to make Your kids feel secure, so that he will be able to cope with life’s challenges.

Weekly tip:Jealous siblings and awful fights

You will handle how to cope with siblings fighting, so that you’ll have children who can work it out between themselves.

Module 2: How does the child know I love him?

You will learn the 5 Love Languages, so you can get a deep relationship to Your child.

Weekly tip: I can’t sleep. You will learn how to get Your child sleeping in his own bed – all night, so that you can get Your adult evening time back, as well as Your double bed.

Module 3: Friends – a child’s best Insurance against bullying

You will teach Your child the 5 Love Languages, so that he will make and keep friends.

 Weekly tip: The kid isn’t listening. You will learn how to get Your child to listen, without it being submissive, so that you’ll experience more quality time and less shouting.

Module 4: All those feelings

You will learn how to talk about lots of different feelings, so Your child can learn to calm himself Down.

Weekly tip: Table manners and eating habits. You will learn how to get the child to eat a balanced diet, whilst behaving, so that meals will become cosy Family time. 

Module 5: Taking the parental role. No, you’re not allowed.

You will learn how to set boundries in a respectfull manner, so that you can be Clear, without being domoneering.

Weekly tip: Slow Coach, who will just… You will learn how to get the child to «Move on», so that you’ll get more time for fun.

Module 6: Selfesteem, selfconfidence and learning

You’ll learn how to increase Your child’s selfesteem and confidence, so they’ll become a competent learner.

Weekly tip: My child is hooked on the screen.

You’ll learn how to use the screen wisely, so that you can reduce arguments and spend more time doing other Things.


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