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Statements from participants on course in The 5 languages of appreciation in class

Knowledgeable, committed and dedicated. Full of courage and «whatever it takes»-attitude. Always cheerful and positive – whether it’s answering a questions in a hectic schedule, activities with pupils or participation in social activities with other employees.


Sandefjord school

Anita is blessed with an absolutely exceptional good mood and a positive attitude to life. Having her around, has made it easier to see solutions to the challenges we had to address.


Sandefjord school

Anita is well-liked in staff. She is a positive, caring and sociable person. She is gentle, receptive, and a great contribution in any cooperation. Anita is very good at building relationships and is concerned all students being motivated, coping and learning.


Division Director, Sandefjord school

Anita is wise, generous and knowledgeable. She is a great resource for students and teachers.


Sandefjord school

Anita is open and sociable. She is happy sharing her knowledge and she has many interesting points of views useful in several situations. In addition, she is pleasant and cheerful as a person.



I think she’s incredibly good to notice needs and facilitate good mastery experiences for pupils. Anita is positive and enjoyable, and she is good at «seeing» each individual.


Sandefjord school