The 5 languages of appreciation at work |

Statements from participants about The 5 languages of appreciation at work course

Incredible, interesting. Anita has a trustworthy, honest and genuine way of delivering the course. I would recommend to all operating theatres.


Nurse anesthetist , Hospital in Tønsberg

I would recommend to businesses, and especially to managers and others with responsibility for human resources. In addition to safety officers and teachers. The course has something to contribute everyone! It will contribute to a better working environment and increase job satisfaction. I like for all my colleagues to do the MBA-test, so that we could all know each others’ languages of appreciation. Mind provocative and inspiring!


Torp Sandefjord Airport

I will recommend this to my organization. The course is very good and useful in many contexts, for example for leading departments at work successfully, and for getting to know teens and children in foster homes and institutions. Anita is full of wisdom and her dedication and enthusiasm is very contagious!


Director, The Salvation Army

Anita has an engaging way of being. It rubs off on the audience. The concept is going to go far with regard to keeping employees healthy over time. The tools also helped me and my family privately.


Consultant, Tønsberg

Very good and informative. Skillfully and a very funny tutor. I would recommend the course to all officers, employees, and “ordinary people” in accounting firms and any other organizations..


Accountant, Master Accounting

I would recommend this to my boss and friends, so they can use it in their work, for example in Sergel. The course is useful for everyone, and course leader is inspiring and I really appreciate her openness about herself.


Consultant, Police

I would recommend the course to kindergartens and production companies, such as Jotun. It is very interesting and useful.


Employee, chemical lab, Jotun

 The course is useful in many arenas It was interesting and thought provocative.


Health Visitor, Sandefjord Council

Anyone with colleagues, whether they are executives or employees should enroll in this course. It was motivating, useful, important and inspiring. It will create a happier working environment and a positive workplace..


Owner and general manager, Larvik Vet for small animals

I would recommend the course to all heads of departments. Very educational, motivational and interesting.


Therapist, Sandefjord High School

I would recommend the course to all heads of departments. Very educational, motivational and interesting.


Hairdresser, A-head