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Did you know that 70% of employees don’t feel valued?

Did you know that 69% of those who leave, say it’s because they don’t feel appreciated??

Did you know that the world’s greatest survey on work environment (Gallup) shows that only about 12% of The World’s employees are highly engaged? You know what can happen to your organisation if you lose your best «assets»?

We can help you and your organization.

  • By you taking that MBA test. . Click here to learn more or to buy code for the test.
  • By you reading the book The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work. Based on the 12 million-bestselling book The 5 Love Languages, by Dr.Chapman. Written for organisations. Norwegian edition being relieased February 2016 . Click to learn more.
  •  By attending an 8-hour course, tailored to train your organization.

The course covers the following topics and themes:

  • why most reward program for employees don’t workr
  • the basic conditions which must be present for employees to feel valued
  • why employees don’t just want his appreciation to come from the manager
  • how to find out how each employee wants to be shown appreciation

(by making use of the results of Motivated By Appreciation test)

The course may be conducted in batches of two half days, a full day or divided into single lessons, whichever suits your organization best.

We are the right partners to help, if you are looking for practical tools to:

  • Improve relationships between employees?
  • Create a better working environment?

When employees feel appreciated, organizations experience:

  • Increased loyalty and reduced turnover among employees.
  • Minimization of cynicism and increased job satisfaction.
  • Reduction in for late-coming, absenteeism and workplace accidents.

Consider the possibility of taking your managers and staff through the 5 Languages of Appreciation at work training.