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 School and parents work for the same cause; kids should learn, and that they should have a safe, nurturing environment in school. The school owner and principal know about their responsibilities for creating a good learning environment. These points are based on what the research shows are the most important factors:

  • Classroom Management
  • Pupil Relations
  • Home-school collaboration
  • Organization and leadership

Of course you are aware that “All students in primary schools and upper secondary schools have the right to a good physical and psychosocial environment that promotes health, well-being and learning.” This follows the Education Act § 9a-1.

How can we help you to achieve this for YOUR class?

  • By learning each student’s appreciation language, you become more “accurate” in your ability to show that you care about the student. You as a teacher knows that a good relationship is a necessary prerequisite for being able to influence learning and good behavior.
  • The tools are easy to use in a stressfull everyday school life..
  • You can’t “make mistakes”, and you can start using the tools straight away.
  • Much of the responsibility for creating a good learning environment is applied to class, as they learn how to fill up each others’ appreciation tank. “.
  • For the prevention of bullying and creation of safety, so that the brains’ functions optimally for «taking in» knowledge. You will get the best academic performance possible for your class..
  • By the end of the course, there’s a test conducted so that parents learn what their children need at home. Eg. it turns out that children with behavioral problems are likely not to have enough quality time with their parents

Did you know that 70% don’t feel valued at work?

For creating an optimal culture in your school, press here to learn about how “The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work” can be used in your workplace..

What did the pupils think, after completing the course?


What comes to mind when we say  “Appreciated at School”?

Examples of answers:


“It has helped us a lot. It has been helpful to our class environment. And it’s been really nice to have Anita in class. “

“I think that I like Words of Affirmation and gifts best at school.”

«Et nyttig kurs for å få bedre skolemiljø.»

“A useful course to get better school environment.”

“It is a course where you learn what love really is.”

“I think it makes people kinder. And then we have learned how to speak up about things. “

“It was fun and I and the others are now kinder. Very good for classes which are arguing very much. “

“I get wildly excited and happy when I think about it.”

 “I think that it is fun and useful and that we can use later on in life and we become happier people.”

“It is helpful and fun to learn, because we’ll have a better school days and school becomes fun. I also love that word because you get love. “

“I think of love when I hear it. Also I feel safer.”

“I think that we should teach about our friends about the language of appreciation.”

“I think about it being fun and I’m excited.”

“I think that others should have it and you learn a lot.”

“I think that children will feel better. I think that children should be saved. “

“Love between friends. The course is fun. “


“This is a course where you learn to give love to others and to be considerate and caring.”

“I learned how to appreciate others. How to get others to feel valuable. “

“Anita comes and teaches us how to treat others, and she helps us / me find my love language. Great lessons, where we learn something out of the ordinary.”

“We have learned the 5 languages, and what I can do to make sure others have a great day.”

“If you don’t know what this is, it may seem very strange. But I think it has been very useful, because I have become more aware of others. “

“Love and feeling safe.”

“I appreciated that the course was taught in English.”

“One learns how to behave towards others.”

“I think about Anita and that we have different languages. About how to act towards others and ourselves. “

“You learn how to treat others in a good way.”

“It is a course on love and how you can learn to like others. Then you get a better environment around you. “

“We learn how to like each other better.”

“Take care of each other and show much love for each other.”